New C&G Organelle Patches


Yeah you could have notegen sending notes to arper or something, then notefilter subtracting notes from that to make it more random sounding but still rhythmic, then use sampler-24 or when it’s done samplerstyleREC. This is what is so great about Orac, you can gerry-rig together whatever ya want with what is there a lot of the time :slight_smile:


@kee @wannop These are great ideas. I think Orac is amazing and I want to experiment more with it.

What I particularly love about CAmenti is that you can change the pattern length so easily. So if you set it to ‘1’ you get the same bar repeating. But if you set it to ‘2’ you may get two slightly different bars repeating. Often, when I set it to ‘4’ I got three bars the same and one different before these four bars repeated. And this can be changed as it’s playing, so it can go from similar bars to some different bars and then back again. The sequencer is so easy to use, it has fantastic visuals and it strikes me that it gives a great balance of repetition with some variation. You can also change the pattern of the first bar so easily!

I just thought that since it has been constructed so well already it would also make a great drum machine type patch if you could drop in one-shot samples or record them into it.

It’s such an original sequencer it should be widely used!


New Patches! Arp-II (AARRPP) & Arp-III (AAARRRPPP)

Two arpeggio patches that use probability to control whether or not an arpeggiated note plays.
Arp-II has two independent arpeggiators that feed notes into a multi-synth. Choose one of nine synth voices from the multi-synth and let the ocean of arpeggiated notes lap onto your beach and/or capsize your boat!
Arp-III has three independent arpeggiators that are fed into a subtractive synth. While not as ‘synth-y’ as Arp-II, the additional arpeggiator makes up the difference!

Both patches are Link enabled for tempo syncing with other devices on a shared wireless network. (WiFi adapter required; sold separately.)

Special thanks to Chris Powell for his contributions to this patch!

Download both!


So excited for this!


This is why I bought an Organelle.
The possibility of this patch.
Thank you for the time.


New Patch! Randomlog
Randomlog is a cousin of the Organelle’s Analog Style. In this patch, the values for Cutoff, Resonance, Attack, and Release are chosen at random with each note!
Download from!