New C&G Organelle Patches


I noticed that at present the patches site doesn’t have any of the patches past April on it. Is that just a bug?


Thanks for the heads up, this is fixed now.


Loving the new patches every week thanks guys, makes it really something worth owning with this type of support… keep it up really cool to have something new to use with the organelle weekly!


The new Rhythm Delay and Distortion patch is wonderful, love it! As above - new patch fridays rules!


I find the drummy patch to be a lot more intuitive, but I’d love to see how you did it for the polybeats?

  1. Copy and Paste the ‘Pow Pow’s Polybeats’ folder and maybe rename it according to the style of samples you’re using. E.g. ‘Polybeats Fart Noises’

  2. Create new 16bit .wav files for each sound you want to use in the patch, I used Ableton Live to do this for some samples cut from tracks I like. Simplest way is just to download a bunch of free sound packs online and pick your favourite sounds.
    3.Name the individual sounds you want to use between 1-24 eg. 1.wav/2.wav/3.wav etc

  3. Copy these and replace the wav files already in your Polybeats folder with the new ones.

  4. Eject USB and you’re ready to roll.


Hi, folks! Is it possible for someone to create an example patch that transforms icoming MIDI messages to different MIDI messages?

For example, I want to use a Korg Electribe Sampler’s knobs to tweak settings on my Octatrack. Both machines have fixed MIDI implementations and the Electribe’s knob MIDI CC assignments don’t match most of the Octatrack parameters that I would like to tweak.

I saw a video clip once in which a guy used an Organelle patch to convert movements from his USB game controller to MIDI signals. It would be great to make a knob with a fixed MIDI CC output of CC 20 transmit CC 7 instead, for example.

I nave no Pd programming experience but I’m hoping that, if what I’m considering is possible, I coild use an example patch as a template for other Organlle ‘MIDI Transformer’ presets.

This is probably somehing basic for many of you. :slight_smile:


Here’s a video of the Rhythmic Delay Distortion Organelle patch!

It’s a polyrhythmic effect sequencer. Create rhythms from drones; add ‘micro’ effects to drum beats! Lots of fun!

The lower octave controls delay time; the upper octave controls distortion time.

Download it from today!


New Patch! Guitar2ARP

The arpeggiating cousin of the Guitar2Synth patch, Guitar2ARP is a pitch tracking arpeggiating synthesizer. The audio input is analyzed to determine its pitch, which is used to control a synth voice. Select an arpeggiation pattern with the keys (24 different patterns).
This patch works great with guitar, but also with any pitched sound, like vocals or bass guitar (as shown in this demo video with Pat Noecker). You can also get interesting results using un-pitched sounds like drums. The knobs control the synth tone, pattern tempo, and wet/dry mix.

As always, available at


Well i never!
Hell yeah! Can’t wait to give this a try tonight after work.
Cheers guys :slight_smile:


New patch Children of Sample check it out


Here’s a demo video of the Children of Sample patch!


really sick!
logical features too


Sweet new patch. Is there any way it could me made to record the sample it uses though, or share it from a sound.wav in another sampler patch or something? My setup is op-1, organelle, and sp-404 with computer only rarely being used to back up my op-1 tapes and load organelle patches. I have a million ways to record samples, but not sure how I’d get it into the children of sample patch …


@uu8k Playing a sound file from a shared folder is fairly straightforward. Please check out this post: Editing "basic sampler" to be more than 2 seconds

Also, instead of using the sound file we provided, you can copy your own sound file to the Children of Sample patch folder on the USB drive. You can also have multiple versions of the patch, each with its own sound file (Children of Sample - Drums, Children of Sample - Cello, Children of Sample - Recordings I Made in College)


Two new patches: Recorder and Stereo Rhythmicon

The recorder is a super simple sound file recording patch, no effects or craziness or anything, just record as many files for as long as you want, limited only by USB disk space. Press Aux once to start, once to stop. Recall the most recent 24 sounds with the keys.

The Rhythmicon patch is great for zoning out for a while.


Rhythmicon is gorgeousss!


I cannot get the Recorder Patch to work. Is anyone else having difficulties, or am I missing something?


I just checked the posted version of Recorder and it is working for me. There are no sounds initially, so you will have to record something in order to hear any output. Also it is a stereo patch, so if you record only on the left channel, and listen to right channel you won’t hear anything.


I’ve always wanted something to do the Rhythmicon sound since watching a Theremin documentary. Thank you!