New C&G Organelle Patches


Demo Video of the Stereo Rhythmicon patch:


I know the Overloop patch was released a little while back, but here’s a demo video of it:


Is it possible to adjust a patch with a sequencer in Pd so that if the AUX button is pressed during playback it acts as an overdub like most modern loop pedals? I’d really like that option on some of the sequencer patches.


Just a little heads up in case some missed it - quite a few new patches have been posted up on patchstorage that went unannounced on here. Some cool stuff using a huge randomised waveform library.


New Patches!

Some things I’ve been sitting on for a while.

I started working on an analog modelling synth in the vein of an ms20 mini, minilogue etc. tonnes of parameters and a big project. Anybody interested in a collaboration? Ive got some functional ADSR objects and DCO and LFO things already.


I just downloaded roganelle and it is great! Missed the other two and can’t wait to try them out as well.


Woah, what you’re planning sounds amazing. I know @rawticks created some complex synth patches that sound amazing. Perhaps get in touch? I’m looking forward to trying these new patches of yours.


These are sounding great. Nice work!


So to be honest, I don’t exactly know what this is but it seems like it’d be very useful for some of the stuff on here!


Bloody hell! Seems promising!


I figured someone here will be able to make some cool applicable patches. From what I read online, the organelle was kept in mind during the whole design process of the program so I hope it leads to some cool stuff soon!


This is absolutely frickin awesome. Time to install PD Vanilla & Automatonism on my macbook. Hope we’ll see an ‘organellized’ version soon. Thanks for sharing!


Do you like small, quirky blue keyboards with quaint, enticing youtube videos? Are cassette tapes the COOLEST but making actual tape loops is laborious and hazardous to your health?

That’s why there is:

I made some loops out of samples from the mellowtron patch plus one of my own. Finally figured out how to use the tabread4~ object and using the power of math created this sweet emulation of a cassette tape synthesizer!

Adjust LAG for some sweet portamento!
Dial in some tape WARBLE!
Control your attack and decay with ENVELOPE!
Drown the whole thing in some haunting REVERB!


Or make your own loops… I don’t care…


Downloaded it, there are Organelle specific modules such as ‘Organelle Keyboard’ ‘Organelle Aux’ and ‘Organelle Knobs’. Preeeeeetty exciting!
Edit: Oh, and it sounds amazing! Just been messing about with it on my laptop this evening.


i just saw that!

looks like a great sandbox to build and play with


thanks for sharing
i’m gonna test later but i have a quick question

how do we make our loops?
saved in the right usb folder or you can record straight to these slots via input?


Loops would have to be prepared and dropped into thee folder. Right now there are 6 slots. More could be added. The file named would have to remain the same or some basic reprogramming would let you change file names/ what’s displayed in the screen.

Hope that helps!

A little tweak of this could also allow you to record the input but having a seamless loop would pose some issues.


thanks for the info


Man, so many great new patches lately! The more I use them, the more I feel one organelle isn’t enough… :confused:


Hi guys, new here. Some patches of mine (or modifications of other people’s) on patch storage I think some would enjoy:

PD grids but with samples, effects, and more

6 voice wavetable synth w/ effects, audio in processing, and randomize patch feature

Older version of above synth, with random waveforms for each voice

Original version, simpler which is good sometimes:

C&G Arpeggio Synth but with wavetables and reverb

Weird sound mangler/looper - take little chunks and pitch it , play on keyboard

basic drum slicer/break beat thingy with reverb

I have a few more almost ready, including a really out-there guitar/effect processor I’m pretty excited about.
Thanks to everyone on this forum and others who I’ve learned everything from