New Combo Patches

Ooooooweee! Long record time + low tempo and envelope = drone machine! So good.

Works great with footswitch :slight_smile:

Any chance of updating this one and some of the other c&g sampler patches so we can monitor input of what is going to be sampled?

Maybe just an extra page with an ‘input level’ param? Very cool on this patch at moment being able to set sequence and then sample on the fly while it’s playing. So the present ‘un-monitored inputs’ thing is cool in many ways. But just for workflow it’d sometimes be useful to be able to audition stuff ahead of sampling :wink:

A few more combo patches are up! 3 new patches using the HRando sample player:

@Generationloss, you add a simple playthru to any patch


more here:


Nice one @oweno look forward to checking these out :slight_smile: thanks.

@thetechnobear wondering if input monitor level could theoretically be added to the OS in settings? In various setups/live situations it could be useful to have input monitor constant while changing patches etc.

But also there’s an argument for the UI convenience of having monitor level param available to hand inside various patch’s page/s. As it is currently in some patches…

Maybe the patches with monitor level could override the OS monitor level?

Dunno really… Just that Monitor input level feels like kind of an organelle loose end atm to me when I have my Op1 or OT plugged in the inputs. Maybe someone better than me at visualising pros/cons/solutions can figure out if there’s a better way than the current way. Or maybe how it is now makes most sense overall and is just one of those nuances that are neccessary for the bigger picture…

I agree about the value of monitoring but not sure how someone could make monitoring work outside of just writing it into individual patches. I mean it could be on the main menu or something but then you’re menu diving for something you want to do quickly. Think it probably has to just be written into a patch.

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Yeh I think you’re probably right. Shame there aren’t a couple more function buttons available…

Out of curiosity what’s the behavior when you switch between two patches that have input monitoring? I haven’t tested it. Is there a drop out? For some reason I assumed so. But if adding monitoring PD to all patches equals smooth sailing and constant pass-thru then all’s good and I just need to get busy with PD :slight_smile:

Edit - This is all kind of just me figuring out routing for shows. Worst comes to worst I can just split/send signals. Not a dealbreaker. The main initial thing I was bummed about was not having monitoring when sampling and @oweno already cleared that up with what looks like an easy fix :slight_smile:

At the moment there is a dropout and slight pop when new patches get banged into action. I fade volume down and use other instruments when changing patches live. No idea if this can be helped.

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the ‘mother host’ (which is the menus, so what you refer to as OS) currently doesn’t touch the audio, and would need a bit of an overhaul to do so and also take more cpu.
(processing audio requires process to run at higher priorities)

in its current form, i would not undertake/recommend this…
where this might become possible, and more interesting, is if the ‘mother host’ started using libPD, this would mean in would run the PD patches directly, without running the PD process. this would be an interesting development, as it could improve efficiency, and also integration… and then because it would be processing audio, adding features like audio monitoring would make sense.

for the more immediate future, there are other ways/techniques to help patches be more integrated and consistent, which I’m currently exploring :wink:


Can you explain this further at all? How can PD patches be run without running PD? I might not understand the answer, mind you. :wink:

This is what we like to hear! So much goodness potentially in store for the future. Do you think the 0-control system you posted about is implementable? I have a Push 2 watched on eBay, waiting on your word… Ha.

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these are fantastic! although, any chance of just punchy and the FX? I’m not sure how to route the output so it doesn’t go through the HRando and simply goes straight into the FX.

The combination of polybeats and Hrando is a stroke of genius. No excuses for boring repetitive beats now :slight_smile:

Tried these quick last night. Cool patches. Very cool the way things are progressing atm :slight_smile:

Here are demo videos of these four new patches:



Rampi PB:

Tune D PB:


i want one of dem red boxes