New convolver: friday bonus


AUX SELECTS a different IR, I am hunting some better ones


I used to have loads of IR’s, but they are on a disc somewhere I dunno where is and also I have no idea if they are copyrighted.

But we should be able to find some free IRs that we can share in here.

i just did a little bit of convolvering. marvelous.

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Didn’t even know what an IR was until yesterday.

Its a nice way to get “expensive” reverb sound, without having to buy for example a Briscati M7. People sample it and make it into impulse responses. BUt usually very few parameters. One need to spend time to find the right ones instead of dialing in parameters.

A bit like wavetables where people sample for example a mini moog to get a bit of mini moog touch to their sound. It will never sound identical, but it definitely gives some flavours to choose from. A sine wave oscillator is not only a sine wave. I got some wavetables from Arp Oddysey, mini moog etc. and most of them looks different and sound different.

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Yeah if folks have some IRs let me know
I am working onthe autoloader so you can jus fill the folder