Convolve63 Expanded Convolver for Organelle~


63 impulse Responses for a variety of Reverb Room Sounds

**fixed menu so It reads the # of files you put in your folder and displays that before Filename listed to OLED

Adjusted presets and parameters for

63 Presets included


very rad. especially like the spring reverb its lovely!
I tried joogas bigsky IRs in this patch and they sounded like they would be pretty amazing except for all sound output was very crackly - perhaps just because my usb stick is basically full. anyone else had success with the combo?

IR files over 300kb won’t work without crackling
I think there’s a point where we need to be realiatic regarding the limitations. I made sure my stick had over a GB o space too

I am running a cheap contact mic stuck to a thumb piano into this thing and MAN is it amazing.

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I am glad you are liking it
i have a new old set of another 50 or so insane IR files coming soon!


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Hi! I would love to try this patch on my Organelle M, but it doesn’t seem to load. Anyone else have success loading it? Thank you.

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