New Critter & Guitari Video Synthesizer

We have a new video synthesizer the ETC. It is a kind of visual sibling to the Organelle:

Also creating this new category ETC for discussing!


Here’s a video of the ETC video synthesis:

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is it possible to run GEM on it? is it ony python code?
it looks cool

Thanks for checking it out! It runs Python only.

Does anyone know if the foot switch will accept control voltages from eurorack?

No, it’s a binary control. Here’s the manual:

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I honestly should probably do a bit of reading first as I know nothing about footswitches, but the footswitch being a “binary control” does not exactly answer my question. But going with what you say, is there any reason I would not be able to send binary voltage to that port? Basically the idea is I could send a gate from eurorack to the footswitch.

The reason I ask is because the ETC honestly looks seriously badass. It is amazing looking, but when I perform live, I am completely computer and midi free. It would be absolutely incredible if I could somehow add a bit of control from eurorack. The LZX stuff is a bit more of a commitment than I am looking for.

The footswitch won’t provide this unfortunately. It only senses an open or close switch state.

What you want is something like this:

With a module like this you can could map 5 CVs to the 5 knobs on ETC.


Thanks for all the answers. I’ll consider the possibility of CV to MIDI for control. :slight_smile:

Is this going to be open-source software like the Organelle? Is it roughly the same SBC architecture as the Organelle? This looks very exciting!

The potential here is amazing, much like with the Organelle. They would make a great pair at a live show.

Which NYC dealers have this in stock NOW!! Can I pick one up asap from the C&G office!? So stoked to give it a shot I have two big shows this and next week!!

I looked through some of the ETC python files on GitHub. It seems that there are some files not on GitHub required to try out these scripts. Similar to the mother-pd file for Organelle, will this be supplied for those of us that want to try out the environment prior to jumping in? I love the visuals from the video, but don’t currently understand where video generation fits into what I do.


Hi- No, the ETC is not set up the same way the Organelle is with Pure Data being able to run ‘out of the box’ on different platforms.

The rest of the system components are up on Github now. Everything related to ETC begins with ETC_. The main Python component that runs the mode scripts is ETC_Mother. Like chrisk mentioned, these system components are platform dependent so making it run on a desktop is not as simple as with Organelle.


Ok this thread has already some rust and dust on it :wink: but I’d like to add, that a gate to switched trigger converter like from Doepfer ( works like charm.
Now you have to change in the function that is called by

 def foot_pressed(self) :
    if (len(self.scenes) > 0) :
    else :


 def foot_pressed(self) :
        self.audio_trig = True
        self.trig_button = True