Q: Gate signal to ETC footswitch input?

Hei, I’m using ETC in my semi modular setup and I was wondering if it is possible to send Gate signal (+10V) to footswitch input to cycle trough the scenes?

hmm, id be wary of that, as the voltage may be too high.

assuming its an expression pedal input, then i think what you can do is:

use a Y cable and VCA,
TS goes to VCA in, TR goes to VCA out, then your gate goes to CV in on the vca.
so what your doing is using a vca to regulate the voltage that normally goes thru the pedal.

be warned, not tried, but it feels like the right way :slight_smile:

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trying to process that info…

To process this helpful info from thetechnobear I found some further help here:

Also, this discussion thread includes some helpful tricks on this topic including issue of over voltage:


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You may use a Gate-to-switched-Trigger adapter:
See http://www.doepfer.de/faq/gen_faq.htm#S-Trig

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thank you sir, this made the trick. Now my ETC setup is complete.