New microphone shipping to uk price!

Hi, I’ve just tried to order the new mic and shipping costs is something like $200! I’ve ordered from other US companies before and the cost is usually around $40.

Hi Swhic, hi all.
Same here in France: I started the order process but was cooled by a $160+ shipping fee. Too bad.
Any reason for such a figure, guys?
Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

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Hi @swhic & @stiiiiiiive , Thanks for your interest!

Unfortunately we only offer UPS shipping options to the UK & France. We stopped offering U.S. Postal Service as a less expensive shipping option to customers in France/UK because our customers there were dealing with long delays and lack of support from their respective Customs offices and couriers like ParcelForce / La Poste / Chronopost.

We know the cost of shipping UPS is higher and this was not our first choice, but the increasing frustration was too much. (For what it’s worth, those rates you screenshot are what UPS charges us.)

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Thanks for your answer @chrisk. That’s a pity but life goes on :slight_smile:

Will this become available from local retailers in time?
Or will it remain a web only purchase?

I think there is likely to be a lot of demand being held back by the crazy shipping rates you’re forced to pass on.

Yep, same question here as I’ve just checked: there are EU retailers, so I guess we can contact them for an order. @swhic, you may be interested by the fact there are 4-5 retailers in UK :slight_smile:

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