New owner : instructions?!

id avoid this topic for now, its really ‘hacking’ until C&G put out a new image, so its possible for all users to use it :wink:

would you like the red pill, or blue pill?

blue pill

UpgradeOS 3.1 installs the organelle 3.1 OS, and gives you all features you want
it allows you to launch patches and configure the organelle hardware and software.

red pill

are you sure? blue pill is still there, just go back up , and don’t go beyond this point :wink:

OS/firmware - unfortunately, these terms are being used technically inaccurately, which over time can potentially confuse things.

as an end-user, most will consider the menu you use to select patches, configure the organelle, as the OS/firmware, and hence we refer to the updates as OS updates

but technically this is wrong…
there is no ‘firmware’, there is only an operating system (linux) and applications (e.g. mother/pd), the menu you see is just an application (mother)

so upgradeOS3.1 is actually just version 3.1 of the mother application, plus a bunch of other changes (e.g. operating system config changes, mother.pd)

why is this done,?
well we all want end users to see and use the Organelle, as a musical instrument, not a computer … so the OS is just an ‘implementation’.
this is not uncommon, and we are going to see becoming much more common as time marches on e.g. i think the MPC Live also runs Linux underneath, but users just see it as an MPC live :slight_smile:

sorry, you took the red pill, no way to un-see this now :wink:


Red pill consumed. :smiley:

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Agree, but any wiki style page would have to mention it as this hack shows up in searches on this forum and so on.

GitHub baffles me, I don’t understand what pull requests, etc even are. But will find out!

re: git, feel free to funnel stuff to me and I don’t mind entering / organizing it.

any tips on Wifi usage?

I only use the webserver functionality:


Ability to upload or download files, zip or unzip files, rename, cut, copy, paste. There is a thread on compatible USB dongles but the general message seems to be that if you get one with the Ralink 5370 chipset then you are good to go. I’ve found that if I use my main household wifi network my connection can sometimes be severed so I use a router that I use only for this purpose.

Ableton Link works over WiFi but I’ve never used this.

Ah, I see, thanks! Found another thread about the webserver and updated the wiki wifi section

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Wiki already looking terrific! I’ll DM you with comments / additions / tweaks over the next few days.

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