New patch: Adding things to blips

Hello folks!

Here is a patch I’ve been working on for practice, through my initiation on pure data.

It goes to the limit of the Organelle’s default latency, so you need to increase it a bit (up tu 10ms).
I put a feature in the patch that allows you to do that, since it’s impossible/difficult to change the Organelle’s PD’s settings in non-GUI mode.

I guess (I hope!) the Organelle’s default settings come back when you change/reload the patch, oweno?

See the patchstorage page for a complete description.

I hope you’ll find it fun to use!


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Changing the latency should be fine like this, the defaults will come back when Pd is reloaded.

It’s brilliant! I could tell it would be good when there was the latency issue, but it’s even better than imagined. Bravo!

Thanks Wannop!
And we should thank M. Brickmann who made the original patch as well!

I admit I had the best surprise when I played with the tempo settings, discovering how the patch reacted when I turned the counter down to zero! This feature was not included in the original patch.
Then, when you increase the bpm again, the patch makes a whole new song, as if it had it’s own tastes!

The original patch (or this one) is so messy, I found it an excellent way to get introduced to Pd and its use with the Organelle. I’m pretty sure it hides a lot more suprises, I barely scratched the surface…

I’d love to find a way to change the key/tune/mode it plays on the fly, and to add stuff like controlling the amount of bass, kick, blips… Some effects from the Bashfest patches would be awesome as well!

I find the output signal pretty weak, feel free to increase it within the patch!


Here is a little video to demo the kind of stuff it does: