New patch: Mellowtron


I’ve tried re downloading the files to try to get the samples but it just keeps saying it’s corrupt. Does anyone have the samples that can re upload and post a link to them? Thanks


Was there ever a fix for the sticky, un-releasing notes issue?


For me, the sticky notes only happen when you switch octaves while holding keys down - said notes will stick for the full sample length and will continue to “latch” until the patch is reloaded.

It could actually be useful in some cases - but I’m sure in others it is problematic. In any case, simply not switching octaves while pressing keys seems to be a good workaround!


This is because the note is waiting for a note off command for the key which never comes. Like you say, things are ok if you don’t mess with the octave knob while playing.


The sample length was only a period of time which is why I got stumped that it could possibly play infinitely. From memory if you hold down a key it won’t play for ever.

I haven’t looked at this for ages so if anyone knows how to fix I can update - or they can upload new version of this and I’ll delete this one if that helps?

Otherwise, I’ll have a look at note off but my PD skills are very rusty!


Changing octave could simply send a message like

1 0 0;
2 0 0;
3 0 0;
4 0 0;
5 0 0;
6 0 0;

to the [route] objects that is distributing notes to the voices. It’s the easier way, but then you couldn’t hold a chord while switching octaves.
Another way to achieve this would be to move the octave switching logic to the voices themselves, so the voices are able to catch the note off coming from the same button that triggered the attack.
Another way would be to add the button note (without octave added) to the message packed after poly. The envelope would be triggered by the button note value and the note set by the altered note value.


Hi there

I modified the patch, and there are no stuck notes anymore when switching octaves. Tell me if it’s working ok for you !

Would you want any other modifications ? I may change the reverb for one of the [rev~] series and maybe add a way to change attack time, warble…

/!\ this not a install zip ! Unzip the file with the other patches !


i for one would really enjoy these modifications - attack time, some warble - i love this sound!


Those modifications would be amazing, especially warble! Maybe drop in the FX13 for kicks?


So I loaded up the patch and everything. Placed the sound files in just like I did for the previous mellowtron. But for some reason when I load it on the oraganelle and go to the patch it says, “No patches found!”.

What am I doing wrong here? Ideas?


check your file hierarchy. Is the main.pd directly in the Mellowtron folder ?


Yes it is.

Should I be completely replacing the previous mellowtron patch with the new one?
(adding the samples of course)


Weird. The zip i uploaded was borked. I uploaded a new one.


Do I need to move any files or anything around? I noticed there was no longer a folder for the Cello. Should I just use the old one?


As long as you can see main.pd, freeverb~.pd_linux and yelloscillator.pd, you’re good to go. Sorry, i forgot to include the Cello folder… Use the old one.


Wonderful! I’ll give it another go. Thanks for the quick reply!


Last question. I can just use the same zip you posted above right?


yes, it should be ok.


So I got it loaded. Placed the sound files in. Added the MKIIFlute and Cello. It’s no longer saying the no patches found thing. But now it’s just a blank screen? I’m real sorry about this. Really not trying to be any trouble. I’m just really excited about it. haha


Can’t wait to give this a go.
One of the best Organelle patches!