Organelse~ : Prevost~ Beta

Here is the Second member of the organelse~ set of patches based on Alexandre Torres Porres else libraries
It is new so there will be some bugs i’m sure

the idea is to turn the system on [AUX1] which should start the duration clock running
the playing buttons Turn on/off random functions and distributions.

60 is tap tempo as well as AUX 2

61-63 turns on random sequencers
64-68 turns on Fractals, noise, Dust and brownian functions
80-83 turns on function that effect both sets

Aux 2 should tap the tempo

Aux3 Resets all the random functions
AUX7 turns OFF the Feedback for the delay

The rest are evident in the menus


No idea what is going on but I like it! Really rad bleepy soundscape!

Also really appreciate the timer on the patch -reminded me to drink my tea before it got cold :smiley:

The timer patch was the hardest part!! :slight_smile: i love it and it will appear in other patches now that i got it working