Youtube Patch Demo

What are the patches being played at the following times in the video clip?


These kinds of demo clips are great markeing tools. Reading about specs and features is okay and hearong sound examples is alright but a video demo like this one really puts the features in context.

Here’s the link to the video clip:

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That’s a good video! Thank you for posting.

The patches are as follows:
6:15 - Nice Surprises
7:40 - Quad Delay
11:11 - Wepa

FYI - By reading the Organelle’s screen, you can see the patches that the user selects.
This screen shot is from 5:40:

You can see that the current patch is Metronome. (Indicated at the top of the screen with a " > ".)

Nice Surprises is highlighted and about to be selected. (It will be used until 6:36, when Quad Delay is chosen.)


It’s worth mentioning that this demo video does not include the patches we released last week. All of the ‘official’ C&G patches with example sounds are available here:

Thanks, Chrisk – I was trying to make out the patch names but I’m legally blind and wasn’t near a monitor.

Interesting - there are a few times in that video where some of the values seem to be changing on their own. For example, during the first patch, you can see the cutoff value changing from 1582 to 1584 - and there are several other patches where values will change slightly seemingly on their own. Is this a flawed unit or is this just a quirk of the OS?

That fluctuation is the result of inherent random noise in the knobs/ADCs. Most synthesizers would have this if the manufacturers didn’t filter it out. Organelle users can incorporate this variability into patches because sometimes a little bit of randomness is good for music making, or you could filter it inside your patch.

Very interesting, this is good to know! I wonder if this is also what is going on with my Nord Modular, I always just figured it was ‘haunted’, which may be good news for future spooky patches. Thank you! So so close to buying one of these.