New Patch: SoxsaGraph Type C V0.3

Variations of the theme of playing samples - this is ‘Type C’. Instead of looping, the samples are played in repeating one-shots, triggered from their mult/div of the clock. This gives different possibilities to the looping+trigger format.

V0.2 with the simpler looper on Aux+F#. Reording of knobs/pages based on how I want to play this instrument.

V0.3 has an improved rate/length playback model which gives more interesting results with very slow rates. The ‘length’ is the percentage of total sample that is played back, when at normal rate (100%). Now I’ve scaled the length by the chosen rate, so that as you alter the rate, the play time remains the same.

Watch out for reverse playback rates, the model is that the sample plays from the sample position back towards the start. If you have the start position set to the default of 0, there will be an odd effect. Which you may like or not. More normally, you’d set the start to be somewhere into the sample so it runs back towards the start.

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