New Patch: SoxsaGraph Types F and FP Wow and Flutter

Not another one. Yes, but you’ll like this. Aimed at playing one sample to accompany another track live or to layer in recordings. I tried it last night in rehearsal and it’s fab!

EDIT I forgot to mention a ‘key’ feature: playing the keys changes the start position within the sample. So you can ‘play the sample’ in more interesting ways than the cheesy shift-the-pitch.

EDIT by popular demand there is now Type FP, the same as Type F but using the Paulstretch FFT function as in the ‘Long Stretch’ patch.

– Single sample
– Wow and flutter controls
– Base tempo plus beat mult/div to trigger samples
– Variable clock lag for interesting sync/out of sync effects
– Granular sample rate/tempo
– Sample start/length controls
– Simple looper with independent volume control
– FX13 C&G effects stage
– Final reverb
– High pass filter


Hey, there! I’m excited about trying this out! The PatchStorage page doesn’t seem to be working. Do you know what’s going on there?

Ah yes, there were so many varieties I decided to put them in a bundle…that’s now here…

Hope that helps