SoxsaGraph Bundle - Various Sample Mangling Patches - Now at v0.6

For the soxsagraph tape-loop/granular/fft sampling-mangling fans out there, I’ve consolidated all the types into one handy package. Each type sits in it’s own subfolder, using a common set of samples in a ‘samples’ folder.

There’s a README.txt file in each folder with basic instructions.

Future types will simply be added to this set.


Current bundle version 0.6 with new Type “IP”

SoxsaGraph Type IP has the Elektromatic version of the Paulstretch function, vanilla. It includes the looper and FX13 as it’s easier to leave them in than take them out, and you can choose not to use them.
In this version of Paulstretch, there are are just two parameters: Window size and Stretch and they are discrete values rather than continuous. To me, the longer stretch sounds smoother than the other PS function.

See Elektromatic · GitHub

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