New to Pure Data, need help figuring out some logic

Hey there,
I’m fairly new to programming and to Pure Data. I’ve been playing with a sequencer I made from a YouTube tutorial and I’ve been using Floss Manuals to work on some stuff like additive synthesis & other wave-shaping effects. I’m going on tour in 12 days, and I’ve challenged myself to edit a patch to be tailor-made for playing a line in one of my songs. The Analog Style synth patch has a sound that’s perfect for what I want, so I’ll define what I want to change in terms of that patch. The part I’m playing has a pedal tone (G) on the lower octave, and basically alternates every eighth note between that pedal tone and a melody played up above. I want to be able to record this sequence & loop it, so I can just play guitar along with it, so the built-in sequencer will serve my purposes just fine (it’s a short loop - would be 16 or 32 notes, and only 15 or so seconds). I also want it to play in terms of concert pitch at all times. So here’s a breakdown of what I want to change:

  • I’d like to make the patch monophonic, with priority placed on the upper key. This way, I can simply hold down the pedal tone & tap out the upper melody without both notes playing.
  • Recording (sequencing) would ideally be done with the footswitch - pretty sure this is already the standard.
  • Knob 1, instead of controlling Hz adjustment, should control either octave selection (notched, so that every 1/4 of the knob or so, the MIDI transposes +12 from its prior value - this function implemented across 3 octaves on the Mellowtron patch, but I’d want 4), and the lowest note should still be within audible range (maybe the C below a guitar’s low E?).
  • Knob 2’s function is fine, unless the two additive oscillators create an issue in making the patch ‘monophonic’. I should probably clarify, the kind of monophony I care about is in terms of input received from the keys, not tonal monophony. However, I would like the create a smaller range of ratio for that knob to control - something closer to a chorus pedal’s range would be ideal, with noon being unity.
  • Knob 3 & 4 are perfect, as I would like to be able to do a cutoff sweep at some point.
  • Footswitch should control recording the sequence.
  • If there’s any way to separate tapping the Aux vs holding the Aux I’d like to maybe have a quick press of the Aux turn a light reverb on or off (I’d edit the settings in Pd ahead of time so that it’s dialed in how I want it), while holding would maintain its function of sequencing. This is definitely more of a luxury and not nearly as important as the points above - it’s more of a curiosity regarding the Organelle’s capabilities.

If anyone wants to give me a hand in figuring out how to implement these things from a logic/programming standpoint, I’d be greatly appreciative. The main concern I have is the monophony, because I think I can figure out most of the other stuff myself by Frankenstein-ing parts of a few patches together.

This is really cool how you’ve systemically laid everything out that you need. I think it’s too challenging for you to do this before your tour (exactly how you describe). This is a great overview and I think you should come back to it over time. I think you have 6 days now until you head out? Might be better to cut back. I think it’s too much to do in that time period. Let us know! Sounds amazing.

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To make monophonic look for a “poly” in the patch and change to “poly 1 1”. The first is the number of notes to play and the second does the voice stealing which may help with what you’re trying to do!

I don’t know the patch to know if this breaks anything mind. But it’s easy to change back!

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Thanks! Yeah I have resigned myself to not getting it finished before tour, but I’m messing around with the new MIDI patches to see if I can’t just program a MIDI sequence for the time being. I intend to piece together parts from different patches after I return from tour to see if I can’t make it work for later shows.
PureData seems pretty intuitive and easy to manipulate without much experience, but I think it’s harder to do things purposefully. Hopefully one day I can get this patch figured out!