New USB stick. Simple Copy/paste?

Finally got a new USB stick that’s the same nice small size format as the (faulty in my case) stock stick.

I have Orac, latest OS and other stuff I can’t remember details of now (libraries/externals?) installed on my organelle. Can I simply copy/paste my current sticks patch files etc straight on to the new one? No need to reinstall anything?
Any potential pitfalls I should keep in mind?

libraries etc, are on sdcard not usb stick.
other than patches there are things like, wifi.txt, custom mother.pd (if applicable) , etc
just copy everything thats on your current usb stick over to new usb and you’ll be good to go.

Cool, Thanks a lot mate.

Noticed a ‘midi-config’ file when copying old stick to laptop. Opened it and it was just a notepad file with ‘channel 8’ written. Never noticed that file before but guessing was always there and should be copied to new stick?

not used in latest OS (3.1) replaced it.

Some organelle patches depended upon a folder ‘pd-extended’ being placed in the root folder. If your patches folder is on USB and you want to use them without edits, you’d still need to do this