New user saying hi!

Hello everyone, after seeing the Organelle a few years back and being pretty interested I finally got one today, a grey M model.

I very briefly messed with PD some years back on the RPi2, I admit that a lot of it was over my head though, but quite keen to get back into it nonetheless.

So far I not downloaded any patches yet, but any recommendations would be great, I mostly make acid, electro, house, drone and ambient stuff.

Thanks and I look forward to being a part of this community.


hi @darenager :v:

there are a lot of interesting patches… it’s hard to make a list, but for starting i would recommend :

Orac, it’s the must-have modular environnement for the system :

(most modules are there : but you can find some others on the “Modules for the Orac” topic)

if you like acid/electro i think these patches are pretty good :

if (like me) you want to capture audio internally i’ve made this mod (but that requires a latch-type pedal/footswitch) :

patches from Critter & Guitari of course, and so much more … :wink:

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Thanks @electrafa very much for the recommendations, I am definitely going to check all those out once I figure everything out. I connected the Organelle to a couple of different screens but it isn’t working properly, the screen keeps going off like it doesn’t like the hdmi signal.

I probably need to do a bit of rtfm :slight_smile:

Did you go for a pedal to initiate recording to avoid the sound of the button being pressed?


i don’t have this HDMI issue but i have to turn on the Organelle after connecting it otherwize the screen resolution is incorrect, this might help…?

for Capture i had to use the pedal input because i didn’t found a stable way to start/stop recording otherwize, i would like to but i didn’t yet… (at first i was using a combinasion of Encoder button + Aux but it was causing troubles and UI issues), it has nothing to do with the sound it could have been but i didn’t thought about that… (triggering the pedal makes even more noize than the keys! but it’s more enjoyable imo)

EDIT : oh and a last important tip, to install patches and modules just place the .zip (or .zop) files into the Patches folder, you will see them as installers into the patch list when you will reload, just run them this way to avoid issues :wink:

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Thank you again for the help, I am downloading the firmware image and going to try a new card to see if it makes a difference with the hdmi issue.

The tip about installation of patches is helpful. I managed to connect to the Organelle via the webserver and was able to view the files, I think I will create a folder in the patches folder and upload the zip or zop files into that - is that a good idea? My thinking is that it will allow me to keep the factory and user created patches separate.

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i would try a different HDMI cable first, could be nothing :wink:

i also created a similar folder for some patches, there won’t be issues with .zip files but it’s not recommended for .zop (i upload .zop installers for Capture and Orac modules, they won’t work if not installed from the /Patches folder precisely) :v:

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Not true , orac.zop will install quite happily into sub folders - there is nothing in zop that makes it required to be in base patch folder.


well it might work with your installers @thetechnobear but it won’t work with the ones i release if they are not run from /Patches.

I’d be interested to know what fails, perhaps show me a ‘standard’ patch that you have that fails… e.g. not one that is moving stuff around to /System… (as if you’re doing that it’s likely you’re doing the copy/move incorrectly :wink: ) - but we should take that to a different topic.

yeah i’m sure i could make my installers to work from anywhere if i was able to, i’m probably doing the copy/remove scripts in an archaic way but that’s the only way i know. i did not share any “standard” patch (yet), everything i released is going into /System or /media/orac/usermodules and so my scripts include these 2 lines that makes it only work from the /Patches folder :

example from Capture .zop :

cp -r $USER_DIR/Patches/Capture $USER_DIR/System
rm -r $USER_DIR/Patches/Capture

example from Samplement module .zop :

cp -r $USER_DIR/Patches/samplement $USER_DIR/media/orac/usermodules/sampler
rm -r $USER_DIR/Patches/samplement

Tried a few different hdmi cables but getting very strange inconsistent results: on my main TV where I want to use it it only works in hdmi port 2 and only with certain cables, sometimes it seems ok but then will lose picture every few seconds, but then other times the picture seems stable, other times it won’t show at all. Weird.

On a small monitor that I have it only works with the same certain cables again, but exactly the same issues as with the other TV.

I tried various cables of various lengths, some cheapo and some decent, the fairly ok xbox cable won’t work, a cheap one does, the nintendo switch cable works, another 2 cheapo ones don’t.

I also did a fresh install on a brand new sd card, no difference.

The unit was a new B stock, it looks like it had been a return or display model as there were some other patches installed.

I have spent about 2 hours now trying to get it working properly, it is kind of killing my enthusiasm TBH.

I have another monitor that I will check later when my patience returns, but I think the Organelle may be faulty, which kind of sucks.

theres your problem :wink:

you can just copy from the current directory as the installer sets this up.

generally, id recommend having a look at my install scripts for patches and see how they work, and copy them…

odd… id have thought once you get the picture then the hdmi ‘negotiation’ was done…
(well at least until the graphics mode is changed)

Im assuming you plug in the HDMI before turning on the organelle?

definitely sucks though … I don’t think anyone has reported issues with the organelle-m not working on their tv/monitor - certainly Ive had mine plugged into a couple of different (sony) tvs without any issue.

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that’s kinda sad, but it looks like the HDMI port is faulty (or may be dirty or something) … i’ll let C&G answer you from there :wink: B-stock units still have warranty i guess…

thank you @thetechnobear , i already learned almost everything i know from your scripts (MEC, StartVNC, …), but i’m not sure i understand how you make this to work… i can see you’re setting the $INSTALL_DIR but how do you remove the remaining folder in /Patches ? is that the “cd…” and “rm -rf $1” lines ? (what $1 reffers to ?)

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Yes that’s what the last few lines do

$1 represents the patch name , which also is the directory name for the patch.

Yes, it is very strange isn’t it?

Yes it has a warranty, I’m hoping that it isn’t faulty but I suspect it may be, hopefully C&G will chime in with some things to try.

Is there a support email for C&G?