routing advice...soundcard,?

I’ve just get an EYESY and just got it powered up. I have a lot of sound sources but I was wondering about connecting audiofrom a soundcard…I have a few…otherwise for example I can’t get my head around connecting an electric guitar etc and ok ill get visuals but no sound…sorry it’s the first video device I’ve used and am probably missing something obvious but I cant figure it out…I did search here and a splitter was mentioned…if anyone can direct me to a tutorial be much appreciated…I’ll buy any extra stuff but for now I’m really excited and want to hear loud sounds and get some wild visuals going…oh and to save me posting lots of qs…any advice on a suitable projector ( specs etc) also would be ver helpful…thanks in advance…Bill

I’m a newer Eyesy user myself, so maybe someone else has a better reply, but here is something to get you started: Regarding sound, I believe the explanation is that Eyesy takes the audio input for reacting to sound to create visuals from the sound source in some modes or presets but it doesn’t pass the sound through. A mixer with multiple outputs or splitter to send an audio signal into the Eyesy and also into a powered speaker or some other device should take care of it. Usually mixers have a main output and another output for headphones, and another for sending to a recorder. A headphone amplifier with multiple outs could be a solution too, and I’ve seen them for less than $30. I can’t comment on the audio quality, but that should solve it.

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I would suggest a projector fully supporting 720p resolution. Also there are portable projectors on the market if you want to transport it to your gig. I have an excellent portable projector from Epson that I got used with it’s own padded bag, a size of largish laptop.

soundcards are best for connecting Eyesy as they usually have free audio out connections and allow flexible internal routing. You want to create a dedicated virtual bus routing and send a stereo mix using a reversed splitter cable (sometimes called Y cable) that will take two TS cables from audio out ports of your sound card and combines them into TRS jack going audio in of Eyes. Yes, Eyesy is a stereo processor but can also work with mono signal if you prefer that.

If you are not using soundcard and try to visualise your instrument, you need audio splitting device as suggested by @MattF .

Thanks for your reply…I’ve just got back from a break and will pursue getting the Eyesy sorted out…I’ll post some tips if I come across anything that may not have been covered…Cheers Bill

Hey…thanks for your reply and advice…it’s making a lot more sense…regarding the Epson…if you have time could you please post the model of the projector…Cheers Bill

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Epson EB-1776W. It’s a portable 3 LCD projector that allows full perspective control over every corner. I bought is used for a significantly less what it costs new and it came with its original nylon padded bag but without HDMI and power cable (it had USB cable instead, this is how you can send picture from the computer). Only thing to keep in mind is the usage of lamp as replacing that is expensive. The small lamp in this projector should last at least 1000 hour so anything below 500h should be fine.