Noisy inputs with HDMI

The inputs on my Organelle are very noisy when an HDMI cable is plugged in. Anybody else notice that? I was freaking out until I thought of unplugging the HDMI…

It’s probably because everything isn’t on the same power circuit.

I’ve noticed this occasionally, sometimes worse than others, depending on how everything is hooked up… probably some sort of ground loop situation as @willisrock mentioned. What is the input source?

I first heard it with my iPhone as the input, but I noticed it by just recording the adc~ without anything plugged in at all.

I’m generally not too enthusiastic about the noise floor of the Organelle, but it is fine as long as I feed it a sufficiently strong signal and put a noise gate on the adc to keep the silent parts noise free. With the HDMI monitor plugged in the inputs are too noisy to use, not that this matters for my anticipated use of the device.

I’ll check my wires and try some other inputs.

I’m assuming the audio i/o are -10 dBV, is that correct?