Organelle M Internal Speaker "noise" Issue

Hey guys…
I’ve been a long time Organelle user and I love everything about it.
So naturally, I had to upgrade to the M!
It just arrived in the mail today and I must say, it’s pretty freakin great!

However, I was wondering if anyone out there was experiencing a faint static interference when the internal speaker is switched on? It sounds kinda similar to when a cellphone is near a guitar amp (only I made sure my phone, tablets, etc were far away to test that theory). It occurs once a patch is selected, on every patch I’ve tried so far (but not upon startup).

I’ve tried: Batteries vs Power Supply, Deleting all patches then adding one patch back at a time, Internal mic switched on/off, proximity to other electronics… And now I’m kind of at a loss :frowning:

Any thoughts as to what might be causing this?

Thanks so much,


Edit: I just realized that the same sound is coming out of the Left headphone as well? Should I do a clean wipe and a firmware update? If so, is there a link to the current Organelle-M 3.2?

Hmmm. I notice a slight amount of hiss coming from the speaker, regardless of whether the speaker is switched off or on. When a patch is loaded, the level of hiss is slightly raised, with a slowly oscillating high pitch tone. I can also hear the tone on the headphone out. Both the hiss and the tone are definitely not loud enough from either the speaker or the headphones to be noticeable unless you specifically listen for it. Is this what you’re hearing? Can you try to record it?

Mine is the same.
Audio in always (especially patch is loaded) have slight white noise.
Actually, top IN indicator says that. It was not seen in “not M” organelle.
I think it is modification/update for low signal in (like guitars), but it’s noticeable and it’s not mentally good for geek like me.
But I DO LOVE this device. Hope it will fixed.

See? no inputs are jacked.

Sounds like there are a few things going on here…

The input meter needs to be adjusted so it doesn’t show any bars if nothing is connected. This is on the list for OS update that will probably come later this summer.

There is also a bit of gain on the input that we might want to adjust in the OS update. The input gain setting is cranked all the way up, at which point it is just amplifying the noise floor. (this can be accessed in with the alsamixer command, but I don’t recommend it unless you want to experiment, there are a bunch of settings in there that can get messed up)

For the outputs… I can hear a little hiss if I put my ear right up to the speaker, but it is pretty low. I can’t hear any tones or squelchy kind of noises. With headphones I don’t hear any noise, maybe a tiny hiss, but not any whining / tones / squelchy stuff… The headphone gain is also something that we might want to tweak in the update. (we were playing with it before release, originally it was too low, so we cranked it up, but maybe a little too much…)

So @TechTax, if you are hearing those kinds of sounds, especially something on one side of the headphone and not the other, this might be a hardware issue… so send us a PM or email.


In my case, I am almost 100% that this in not just the noise floor.
The sound is much more like “glitchy” and “electro interference” type stuff (& not the good kind :wink:)
I just sent you a PM @oweno
Thanks so much for the assistance :blush:

I just checked my speaker output and I’m not getting any noise.

I am not hearing any noise that I can discern on my M as well…

Thanks for the responses everyone.
Mine ended up being a hardware issue with the Left channel.
C&G have already shipped me a fresh one… so all is right with the world :wink:


Hi! (New user here :wave: )

Been experiencing the exact same issue described above… is there now a way to solve this problem?

Thanks! :pray:

Just wanna let everyone know that this was quickly resolved with the help of @chrisk and others at C&G :love_you_gesture:
Thanks all :vulcan_salute::raised_hands::pray:

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I occassionally get crackling or distortion in the speaker (even at low levels) with some patches. Does anyone else experience this?

I’m having the same/similar issue as described: My recently purchased Organelle M emits a quite noticeable buzzing/electro interference/whining through both the speaker and headphones. It starts to occur when I load an effects patch. It’s prominent enough to my ears to make any of those effects patches unusable.

EDIT: And I should add, this happens with both batteries and wall plug and whether or not I have anything actually plugged into the input.

Hi @loma - Sorry to hear this. We will repair that. Please contact us here:
Thank you

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Just updating fellow forum members on my status: The fine folks at C&G responded quickly and are in the process of resolving the issues. Thanks a ton, guys!

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