Strange audio glitch behaviour

I turned on my Organelle today for the first time in a couple of weeks and its doing some strange things. I’m getting two very different kinds of noise. In some patches, such as 4wave, there is just noise similar to the ground loop hum. In other patches, such as Snowgrains, there is no noise but when the keys or encoders are used the Organelle produces clicking sounds, as if the sound of the device itself was amplified.

I’ve updated the firmware but it hasn’t made any difference. Any ideas what is going on here? I made a video of the issue but don’t know how to upload it

It could be an issue with the power supply. What are the specs of the power supply you are using?

its the same GlobTek 9V 1.33A power supply I’ve always been using. I don’t think its the power supply though, as these noises have only just appeared. the weird thing is that its a hum with some patches, loud encoders with others, and nothing with a few others

OK thanks for the update re: power supply.

Did the input select switch get set to the mic input? If you set it to the line input, does the encoder noise go away in patches that take audio in like Snowgrains?

No, I tried that, thinking that it was more than likely the problem… but it wasn’t.

It’s probably time to watch that video you made. Can you email us please: C&G Contact

for sure. i’ll send it over. thanks!