Organelle hum - Grounding issue?


I just received my Organelle and am having so much fun with it, however I am hearing a hum from it, here are the details.

I am using the provided power supply, but I live in the UK so I am using a US to UK converter. I am plugging it straight into the wall.

I am then taking the Left 1/4" jack into a Hi-Z input on my apollo twin.

I really want to solve this issue as I am using it for recording and the noise floor is considerably high.

I hope someone can help!


Are the amp and Organelle plugged into the same outlet? if you unplug the amp and listen to the Organelle with headphones do you still hear the noise?

I may be wrong, but I think the Hi-Z input may exacerbate the hum coming from a grounding issue. They are usually used for guitars, piezo pickups etc. Do you have any regular line level inputs you can use instead?

They are plugged into the same outlet in the wall. There is no noise through the headphones, just a clean signal

Yes, I thought the same. But in this particular case the Hi-Z is actually reducing the noise hum and also giving the extra gain that I need in comparison to the Line level input

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Voltage Converters are pretty noisy so the hum may be coming from that.

You can use the power supply without the voltage converter: the power supply’s input is rated at 100-220VAC, 50/60Hz so it will work on the UK power grid. However, you will need a ‘plug’ adapter to match the UK wall socket shape:


My mistake, I meant that I was using a ‘plug adapter’ like the one you have posted, not a voltage converter. I’m not aloud to post a pic, but the input of the power supply is: 100-240v~50/60hz 0.5A

The plug converter has 13A, 250V written on it.

I’m a noob when it comes to electronics, so I don’t know what is compatible.

Thanks for the update @sean90. Do you have a different cable you can try? Is there another input on the amp you can try too?

Hi Chrisk, apologies for the amount of time it’s been! The issue is still here.

When you say cable, do you mean jack cable? I have tried another and another input and am still getting alot of noise

For me battery’s running most of my equiptment during recording solves all these problems and is the quietest solution ive found. Power conditioning too but its not perfect.