Norns scripts on Organelle?

Is there an easy way to get Norns scripts onto the organelle? I know there are ways to do the reverse but I haven’t seen anything about norns stuff on the organelle.

the tricky part is to emulate the norns interface with its encoders… we got one, we still miss two and its a bigger deal than it seems . potmeters and encoders are not the same codewise… I’m sure a hack could be done to ‘menudive’ using the organelle keys but still even the basic functionality without grid would be crippled so probably no one wants to put the effort on it… ALSO because of the display… Even though they have the same resolution, its simply less motivating to do graphic intense code in the organelle display…

The above are certainly the reasons why you don’t see the scrips directly ported.

However, it would be mega dope to port the audio components of specific scripts. I can imagine Icarus on the organelle / Orac and it would be incredible.

do you have a norns?, could you make a video or a detailed description about what makes icarus super special?. If I get enough motivation I might try to replicate… (I’m downloading the code as we speak…)
& actually… since the audio code of Icarus is done in supercollider. Running it directly on organelle with little modification would also be a possibility.

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