Keystep Pro

Hi all,

I recently got a Keystep Pro and sadly the usb midi seems to disagree with the Organelle. Whenever I play the keys on the KSP, there is a multiple note delay between when I press a key and when the note fires, so that when the keys are pressed they fire the notes from 2 or 3 key presses prior.

The problem most likely lies in the Keystep Pro since it has had various issues since its release, however in addition to bugging Arturia I wanted to post here and see if A) Anyone else has tried to use the KSP with the organelle, and B) if any of you beautiful, intelligent folks might have any ideas what the heck is going on here.

Which OS are you running on the Organelle?
Are you running the newest firmware on Keystep Pro? Do you have the appropriate clock setting on the Keystep Pro?

Hi Chris, thanks for getting back to me! I just installed OS 4.0 on the organelle, and am running the latest firmware on the KSP. I believe I have the clock settings correct, so that the Keystep is sending clock but not receiving clock. I’m still having the above mentioned issue with delayed note firing on nearly all patches, with a few exceptions (the new polylogue patch on patchstorage works perfectly for whatever reason.) I have the organelle set to recieve midi on channel 2, so there shouldnt be any conflicts with using the “omni” setting. Any ideas what could be the issue?