Delay with the input

Hello community,

I have a delay problem with the input of my organelle M.
When i’m plugin my bass to play some effects patches - it has kind of a 0,5 to 1second of delay before the sound is played.

I’m using a presonus audio interface connected to Ableton Live. When i plug the bass directly into the audio interface I have no problems.

Can anyone solved this before ?

thank a lot !

I wasn’t sure from your post how you are connecting your bass to the Organelle M:

  1. Bass direct to the Organelle M input
  2. Bass to the Presonus and then to Organelle M input

There should be no delay if it is #1.Which patches are you using? Can you try with simple one like Quad Delay or Constant Gardener?


Well i’m gonna delete this post, because I found the solution.
The problem was the audio interface itself, not the Organelle.
Something who was configured before, changed suddenly.

Anyway, everything is solved now !
thank you so much .