Novation Launchkey Mini Mk2 Troubles or Midi Device name too long


My Launchkey Mini MK2 Struggles to connect to the organelle. I have a suspicion its due to the Launchkey appearing as two devices so it’s “incontrol” function can be exposed. however I can’t be certain of such because the device’s name is too long so both options look identical. It could also be requiring a specific midi channel (which I’d rather not lock it to as I’d like to use the pads for other orac modules) or it might be both.

I’m not sure what to do here, does anyone have anything to enlighten me or maybe a modification I can make so I can get this device to work.

For connecting device, you can do this manually by editing

There’s also more detailed info here:

( sorry it’s a little dated, and covers lots midi stuff, but some of the info should help you)

Midi channels - are usually handled by the patch.
This is true of orac, where the router module determines which midi channel is routed to which orac chain.

thanks for the help,
I mostly wanted to add device identifiers at the beginning of the device selection so I could choose one as I have other midi devices to connect and from what I read going into config undoes the manual config

anyway I fiddled with it and I was right, the two devices that the launchkey mini MK2 provides are just confusing (one doesn’t work at all unless its on pc with a daw)

unfortunately it has a problem now with dropping midi commands every four seconds, this can be seen on rngs,supersynthengine but not on additivesynth and rhodey,

also brds and rhodey in orac seem to have the cut outs too.