Novation Launchpad PD on Organelle?

Possible to use with Organelle? I don’t have a Launchpad but I’d consider getting a mini mk3 if I could use it with Organelle @oweno @chrisk do you think it is possible? Could be handy and could bring Launchpad users to Organelle.

I used pretty much all the Novation controllers with PD. They all work well. And I am sure they will work well with Organelle too. You don’t need that hack thing, you just need to map the cc values or note value form the controller to something meaningful for the Organelle.

Good to know, I just ordered a mini mk3 to try, what I meant though was importing r-cycle into Organelle - possible or not? I have not really got my head around PD yet at all, so not sure if all externals can be brought into Organelle or not. I understand that some will only work depending on the version of pd used.

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I tried to put the R-Cycle into the Organelle but it won’t let me, it is supposed to go into the externals folder, but it seems that the folder is read only. How do I do it?

There is a way to make it writeable (search for ~/scripts/, but you should just be able to put the r_cycle code locally in a patch and use it.

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Nuts! The LP mini mk3 doesn’t seem to work with Organelle, it appears in midi setup but when I select it and save the Organelle screen goes black. A shame as I was quite looking forward to using it.

Still I have a few other controllers that work with Organelle and the LP mini mk3 works with Axoloti, so
I guess I’ll keep hold of it.