Korg minilogue usb midi with organelle

Hello all, Just took delivery on my brand new organelle. Loving it!
Attempting to set it up with my Korg minilogue via the usb/midi out
to send note and sequencer info to the organelle.
But, the organelle is not responding to either.
Any suggestion?

With the Organelle and Minilogue connected & powered up, load the Organelle patch you want to use. Then navigate to the Organelle’s Info menu. Does the Minilogue show up on the MIDI: line?

Unfortunately the only download from Korg’s site is the Minilogue’s “quick start guide” (and not a full manual) so I can’t see what the Minilogue’s USB-MIDI settings are…maybe you have to change something on that device?

Thank you for the reply and suggestion.
Yes, the Minilogue does show up on the info screen.
I have also tried the few different internal midi routings the Minilogue offers. But, still not working.
If I connect the Minilogue to my Roland UA22 audio/midi interface first then the organelle it works fine.
The Korg site does have the manual available.
Allow the downloads page a bit to load and they will all show up.

I wonder if the Minilogue shows up on your computer as two MIDI devices: one in, one out. This was a problem with another Korg product:

If so, you will have to keep using the MIDI interface…

hi there,

i was wondering if anyone has successfully gotten the minilogue to work as a midi controller for the organelle. i am in the market for a synth that i can use to control my organelle and had settled on the minilogue prior to seeing this thread. if i can’t use it with my organelle that is a total deal breaker.


At the moment it can only be done with an additional midi/usb interface.
I’ve been using my Roland UM-1G.
But, the minilogue and the organelle don’t always play nice.
(Unfortunately, the minilogue has strange midi implementation to begin with)
I’d probably recommend somethng else for controlling the organelle.

could you elaborate on what you mean by ‘don’t always play nice’? I don’t mind having to buy an extra interface as a workaround but if there are still going to be issues I will have to reconsider.

I know this is a digression from this thread, but I saw that you have both an Organelle and a Minilogue. I do not own either, but I have been saving up for one for months now. This whole time I havent been able to make up my mind, and I thought you might be able to help me decide, since you have experience with both?

Get the Organelle first, my opinion. The Organelle is completely unique in its functionality and execution. I have both, and the Minilogue is very cool as well, but, well, it is “just a synth”.
There are lots of synths out there, there is only one Organelle.
I’m actually getting ready to get a second Organelle, that’s how amazing they are
Best of luck in your decision!