October research update


I am currently working on Csound for Organelle, getting some original patches that unite MIDI, PureData and Csound inside the organelle. My initial intention was to make use of the Physical Modelling opcodes but i am also quite interested in BBCut which is a “break beat cutter” based on the research of Nick Collins. It works very well inside Supercollider but before resorting to shell scripts and running SC that way i thought i would return to my old friend Csound. IF Csound proves to unwieldy there is also so very cool development for RTCmix and pure data that also sports some VERY nice opportunities


In addition i am constructing a multi-effects patch that should host 10 different Effects that may be chained together. I am trying to focus them on being processor friendly so i am avoiding buffer/sample manipulation and focusing on traditional effects [Delay, bitcrushing, flangers, phasers etc…]

and finally i am updating "Count To FIve"
for a new menu system. I think C25 was the last patch i made for the original menu system


Really looking forward to all this, not least the C25 update! =)

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The first will be a beginning multi patch

Vibrato + VCF + Delay + Reverb + A Buffer all in Series or individual effects and combinations thereof

C25 this weekend


Cool. I am also really looking forward to C25 with new menus, only today was thinking if I should post that as a Patreon request :slight_smile:

i am working on it tomorrow so you don;t need to but you always can that’s what it’s for :slight_smile: