oF/Lua sd not connecting to WiFi

Hey all, new EYESY user here. Been a very fun last few weeks wrapping my head around the basic gist of utilizing audio and midi with this wonderful little thing.

Browsing the patchstorage page led me to some of the openframeworks based modes and so I loaded the oF/Lua beta img to a spare sd per the manuals instructions this morning and was able to swap through the 3 demo modes included but I noticed the EYESY wasn’t in AP mode since the usb dongle wasn’t flashing.

Resetting it a few times didn’t change anything, my main python sd card loads into AP mode fine, and as far as I know I downloaded the proper oF/Lua beta release (link was from here)

I’d like to add more oF/Lua modes but I’m not sure how to get them on the sd card otherwise.
Is there an updated firmware link or fix I can implement as a total code noob? (ie I know nothing)


Were you able to join the EYESY network from your computer?

Nope, just kept loading and eventually gave me a site/address not found error

This was regarding the browser, right? You will get this behavior if your computer is not connected to the EYESY’s Access Point (AP) network (or existing network).

Just like with the default OS (Python/PyGame Modes), the oF/Lua OS requires that you hold down the Shift button during boot up to start the AP. Once booted up, join your computer to the EYESY network listed in your computer’s WiFi settings. Then you can go to eyesy.local on your browser to get to the Editor and Settings pages…