Old patches not working on OS 4

I finally updated my OG organelle to OS 4 but sadly there’s a few patches that don’t work like Proteus-
Luckily I have two different Os versions on SD cards so now how need to change cards wehn I need specific patches (there’s some that only work on OS 4).
I can’t seem to be able to create new saves on Orac in OS 4 either - always overwrites the last patch created.

I can’t offer much help with the old patches, but for ORAC and the new save issue the way I fix and avoid this issue is to go the web editor. Data / orac / presets. Here I would rename the file that keeps overwriting new patches.
Then create a few new folders (new-20, new-21) etc

Then when you boot orac up again, try load an initial preset and save it as a new preset to see if save function is working again (should be 1 higher than the last new patch you created

This issue happens to me when I use the hack Easter egg for some synths I wanted but just don’t get how to convert them.