Updating Organelle 1 to OS 4.0 Concise details

Hi, I’d like to document the steps for my update as I feel like there is a lot of information scattered through the form (or in very long threads) that could be useful to have all in once place stated more concisely.

I have read that you can copy your patches folder and drag this back onto the new (or newly flashed) SD card if you want to keep your current patches and patch folder structure.

One question I have is, are there certain patches (like orac 2.0 for example) that depend upon their installation process from the zop to work correctly? Would OTC be another that needs to be installed via zop? Or am I making this over complicated?

I’m also a little confused about the stock C&G patches - I’ve read they are slightly different, but is it possible to keep the old stock patches (and any modded versions one may have) and they will work on the new os?

Finally - I thought it would be useful to put this here, for anyone who might be in my position and come to this thread in the future. This fixes a problem with the output bar in orac disappearing after the update:

Thanks for any help with the questions I’m having!

This is correct. If you like your patches, you should make a copy of them before burning OS 4.0 to your current SD card. If you want to save your Orac presets, be sure to save the Media and Data folders from the storage partition too. It’s probably a good idea to install Orac from the .zop and then copy the contents of the older Media and Data folders to the new instances of these folders.

The older versions of the C&G patches will still work on OS 4.0.

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