On WiFi connect - update patches?

A bit beyond my coding skills but it would be great if, on connecting to WiFi, if the Organelle can find the internet it would check the C&G patches page and if it finds something new not already on its USB drive, it asks ‘Install XXX?’ on the screen …

Adding patchstorage even better!

I would think that’d be a bit too intensive to code into the Organelle. Not to mention you can simply scroll through patchstorage to see what you do and you don’t have.

Thought it might just be a python script, triggered on WiFi connect, check C&G url for patch list, check local usb patch list, identify new items, prompt user to agree to download diff list to usb, run installers.
Might give it a try, i’m just not too familiar with the Linux bits!

This is something that was an early idea with the Organelle, and I think it is definitely doable in some capacity. Most of the pieces are actually in place, and I think you are right, it could be accomplished with a python script (even without OS update as there is now the capability to create python menu commands that show up in the Extra menu).

It might require some server side work to make the patch repositories more easily consumable from the Organelle, but not too hard (and something the PatchStorage folks have mentioned doing for this very purpose)

would be cool! and definitely bring patch browsing / loading to a new level!


Agree. As it is I have a patch storage folder where I routinely dump everything that appears there, would be great if this could automatically update! :smiley:

using Dropbox in some way is also a possibility…

Part of my motivation is that often I might be travelling without a laptop, but with my Organelle.
It would be cool to provide a WiFi hotspot login to the Organelle and for it to self-update.

Or furthermore, just being at home and plugging in the Organelle and not needing to start interacting between PC and Organelle to upload new files.

Makes keeping the Organelle self contained all the easier!

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