Onion Rings looper

New looper patch that has layers and slices.

It has a manual in the zip as to what the keys do etc.


I think this is a fun patch, I just used it with my bass guitar and recorded a few layered loops which worked well. What I find a bit difficult though is that the recording starts immediately when I press the button - of course that’s the way it should work - but there is not enough time for my hand to go back to the instrument and therefore I miss the cue. To overcome this I think a useful feature would be to include the footswitch input to start and stop recording, then it would be a real monster. Other than that this is a splendid patch!

Good point. On it…

I’m not sure what I’m missing here, but I am absolutely unable to make anything happen in this patch. Audio in to the organelle just fine, and it seems like I’m able to record layer 1, but that’s it… no sound when it says “playing”, and I have no idea what is supposed to happen after that. I can navigate through the different sections and controls according to the included instruction sheet, but nothing I do results in any sound or playback at all. The video doesn’t show or explain anything about sampling with the patch, just playing back and manipulating something that’s already in there - which looks like it would be fantastic if I knew how the sampling part worked. Halp!

Just click record and record stop for 1st loop. Bb and B. Then Bb to record layers on top. I’d put knob2 set down to Forward and filter and downsample (knob2 and knob3) to 100 in case that’s stopping you hearing anything.

that did it - thanks! I guess the filter and downsample levels are counterintuitive to me.
Super sweet patch :heart_eyes:

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