Orac 2.0 effecting live patches

Hey folks, New to Organelle M.
Got Orac 2 loaded up and can’t quite figure out something.

So let’s say I load up a synth on chain A1, an analog style.
Now I want to add an effect to that synth, lets say a bitcrusher on A2.

I want to be able to play the analog style patch while dialing in the bitcrusher.

For now I can only change parameters in the bitcrusher without hearing how they effect the patch and then going back and forth. Is there a way to dial in effects live with orac while hearing the original patch? maybe with the router? or a sequence? Is that possible?

use the Orac router to reach S1 module, on that page is an option to dictate the “active” keyboard
A.Dest = active destination, where 0 is the current module and 1-8 are specific modules

set it to 1 so that your synth is always being played by the keyboard, even when the bit-crusher module is selected (to enable the bit-crusher knobs)