Orac 2.0 installation and it's features

I just rec’v my Organelle M in the Mail and i’m very excited to use the internal features as well as install this Popular Orac 2.0
I’m totally new to this device. i seen Loopop Video but still a little confused over this Orac 2.0
My goal is to be able to have multiple applications at once like a sequencer, synth with adsr and some wave shaping, delay and some Lfo modulation. is it possible to have all that going at once with Orac 2.0?

Yes, you can load 10 different modules into orac and have them running at the same time.

You can hit the limit of processing power in which case audio degrades.


Thanks for the reply. I did end up getting Orac 2.0 installed I like the demo that’s on there already. Okay so now it’s just a matter of going to their website and see if I can download some patches and start enjoying the unit I’m sure I’ll have more questions as I Venture into this journey even more

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