ORAC Beginner Resources?

Hey, I’m recently picked up an Organelle and am wanting to better learn how to use ORAC. I’m a bit overwhelmed. I looked through the patch page on patchmanager and on critterandguitari.com, and watched the 30 minute video of technobear introducing ORAC 2.0.

However, I still don’t feel I have a good understanding of this wonderful beast, and I’m not finding it intuitive enough to learn as I play around in the patch. For example, I am not able to produce any output from any sample modules I’ve loaded. I understand how to run something like Euclidean Rhythms in the background and load another module, but things like module-module input/output is beyond me. I’m also curious about using one of the sampler modules to take audio in from the mic / external in and play with it, as I am with something like DJ Patch Record outside of ORAC.

Anyone have recommendations of resources / tutorials to learn ORAC more in-depth?

Thanks a ton!



it’s not particularly in depth, but this video really helped to me to get my head around Orac
Also searching for posts on this forum for specific things like automating & midi learn helped a lot.

Did you ever figure it out? I am very much struggling with the complexity. It took me like 5 days to sort wifi.!! So ORAC 2 is very advanced. To date I have found zero step by step guides for ORAC.The Inventor tries to dumb it down but he speaks genius so it’s hard for him I guess. I think the community like that its hard to figure out, like a right of passage that once you get it you cannot just give it away.

I have an M FYI

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