Samples in ORAC

Hi I just got my organelle 1 today and I’m trying to wrap my head around ORAC. Does anyone know why I can’t seem to make sound with any of the sampler I.e norisampler? It says I’m receiving input but then it doesn’t play on the keyboard

maybe you should check if you have any sound loaded on any of the kit folders inside media/samples. with the encoder knob you can select the kit you want to use and the specific sample. be careful with the aux button that lets you record on a slot, cause it may erase a previous sample on that slot

Thanks for your reply! Is that the “kit” and “slot” parameters in some of the samplers? I can’t make them make sound either. I’ve opened the patch organiser on the browser and I can find the kit and their samples, but I don’t know if they’re saved in the wrong place

the sample kits, for what i know, are shared by most of the sample based instruments in orac. the samples should be saved in the different kit folders inside sd/media/samples. if you select, for example, the instrument sample24, you can navigate through the different sample kits and select which one you want to use. also the samples should be named “1.wav, 2.wav, 3.wav etc…”. did you “played” the samples at the browser (you can play like a preview of each sample) to see if they sound ok? it may had happened that you over-recorded on the slots by pressing rec on norisampler.