Sample issue with Orac 2.0

I’ve been playing with orac for a while and wanted to upload my own samples.
I’ve done so into sd card/media/samples and made sure they were all wav files and labelled 1 to 24 in each kit folder.
However there is no sound coming from the newly updated kits nor is there any sound coming from the kits i haven’t edited that were working previously.
Tried all sample patches in orac and none of them are registering the files.
Has anyone got any thoughts?

I did delete the samples folder as the kits weren’t in order and created a new samples folder but the kits still don’t go in numerical order which is a little annoying but it’s fine. However did that maybe change something?
Everything is the same with no capitals and I made sure to put text files back in kits 1 - 3 as orac comes with this originally.

Really don’t want to re-install orac with saved data I now have

Nevermind, reuploaded the samples folder from orac.zop and it’s working again. Maybe it wasn’t a fan of me adding the samples folder in the web editor, or I just did something wrong. Either way all good

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