Trouble using Sampler and Sampler24 with Orac 2

I’ve been using orac 2.0 quite a bit and really loving everything about it, however, I can’t get any sound to come from the sampler and sampler24 modules. For example, if I have a1: polybeats and a2: sampler24 I hear no output when I select a sequence on polybeats. I don’t have this problem for edrum or any of the other synth modules so I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem or can point out what I am doing wrong. I feel a bit stupid even asking because it seems like there is a simple solution… I’ve tried updating the kits in the media folder for orac with different .wav samples but still no luck.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hey ya’ll – I figured it out… This seems like a problem specific to me because I bought my organelle used but I want to post the solution just for the sake of completeness. As pointed out by @WyrdAl in the Orac 2 thread there needs to be a /Media/samples/ folder at the base of the USB drive containing the samples used. Mine didn’t have that, maybe due to the previous owner. Anyhow, I added one and now I’m happy as a clam making weird drum noises!

this happens when users just unzip the orac.zop file and copy to the usb stick
rather than copy the ZOP file ‘as-is’ to the usb stick and then use ‘install Orac’ option on the Organelle.

the issue is, there is a two stage process for installing zop file , the first is unzipping, the second is to run the which does other necessary configuration.

to put another way… unzipping a zop file, rather than installing it properly,
is a bit like on a windows machines, just copying and application from one machine to another, its very likely it will not work, as you are not properly installing it, so various elements might be missing or not setup. you need to instead use the installer app :slight_smile:

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Ahhhh so this is what I get for not following the instructions to begin with… :upside_down_face: I’m installing Orac correctly now. Thanks for the help! Also, big thank you for developing Orac to begin with, it is a fantastic / powerful piece of software!!

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Does Sampler24 play 24 or 12 samples? I made a new kit (kit-4) and put 24 mono 44.1k samples in there. I can play the first 12 but then the 2nd octave of keys repeats the first twelve samples. I can change each of the the 12 slots to sample 1-24 and access them that way, but shouldn’t there be 12 more slots available to make 24? I can only see 12 slots when scrolling through them with the encoder followed by “Other”.


It was cut down to 12 to save resources - didn’t get renamed :wink:
( i think the original C&G patch might have been the same ?!)

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Splendid! Thanks, that’s good to know

Hey @keston , with kind help from Mark I managed to adapt Sampler24 to play 24 samples instead of just the current 12. Let me know if you’re interested and I send the patch!


I would be interested in that patch! Maybe you could upload it to patch storage? Thanks!


Here you go, I hope I did everything right with the upload :slight_smile: