Orac 2.0

I noticed something similar recently. I don’t think the ORAC patch itself would do this, I’m guessing there may be faint signal bleed from the Organelle’s output to the input.

well there cannot be a leak from A1 to B1, as there is no connection.

the only place the chains are linked is at the input and output, and where they are are merged.
but that would not allow for the output of A1 to feed into B1 (reverb) which is what you are describing

so Id suspect you are hearing something else… !?

you sound like you’re going thru the correct process

did you install this correctly… ie. did you copy the ZOP file to the organelle , and then use the “Install Orac” option … if you just unzip and copy the files across to the organelle this will NOT work, and would mean you dont have the preset folder.

can you check the contents of the ‘data’ directory, in there you should find orac/presets

also do you see demo1 and demo2 in the preset list?

I only unziped the files. I had the similares Problems with capture und figured that out yesterday… I works now. Thanks!

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Hello, very much enjoying Orac here for the past few days. One thing: I can’t seem to get my footswitch to work for anything (unless I hardwire it within pd module patches). i tried changing the FS cc value in Ctl1 setting, but no luck. I just want it to be able to replace aux buttons for sequencers. Any advice? Thanks!

hmm, i probably missed this when I updated the sequencers :slight_smile:
I’ll make a note for fixing for next release (actually, I’ll probably add a router option, to map FS to AUX)

but for now, there is a simple ‘fix’

edit Orac/subpatches/actmodhandler.pd , and add the connection shown here in red.


what this will do is for ALL modules treat AUX and FS the same.

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Thank you! Also excited to hear that you have more update planned. :slight_smile:

One other thing: for some patches, (clds, for example), there seems to be some kind of input gate going on, where the output level goes up when input level reaches a threshold, and drops when it goes below a certain level. Is this a patch-specific thing? i’d disable it if I could.

never mind, it seems like there was an issue with my audio interface’s line inputs. Oops.

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hello guys I’m new to the forum sorry again I have to understand how it works, so sorry if I make a mistake!:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: @thetechnobear thanks in advance for all the info, I have a problem for the installation of orac 2.0 and predate 0.49 update file .zop The files is the main folde but Organelle say error unable to zip the file, so any suggestions? I checked the system is version 3.1 (only), there is some difference from os 3.1 as you say?
thank you very much guys, you are the best!!!

So you get the error when trying to run the Pd 0.49 installer? what exactly does the error screen say?

I have tried to run the Pd 0.49 files and immediately afterwards screen says : Install Failed unable to unzip :slightly_frowning_face: also for the orac file…

@oweno and and all the other guys, I did the simplest thing to format usb :rofl::rofl: all works!!! now I just have to understand how ahahhaha ​​thanks and sorry for the lost time

Hi there, did you find something to help with modifying the modules, or even how to adapt a PD patch to ORAC in general? Could you link me up with a link… :slight_smile:

I’m still in my initial discovery phase with the Organelle, pleasure and pain, a whole lot of both so far… but still better than any rack unit synth I’ve ever used. OK, I’m a guitarist, so I haven’t used that many, but the Organelle responds to guitar synths like I’d never seen before. Try controlling an Emu Audity’s arpeggiator, or the one in the DSI Mopho, with a guitar synth… glitchy at best, and pads or stabs, phasing out of tune far too often. Trying to get an arpeggiator and pads going on two different channels, and controlling them both perfectly, first time testing ORAC 2.0. I’d have saved so much time reading those Emu, Yamaha, Roland synth manuals…

Anyways, sorry about the blabber, just blown away with this critter… (& guitari…)

I did write on the developer thread what was basically needed… as thats where its best discussed.

the required changes are minimal…
just open up a 2.0 module (module.pd) and a 1.0 module (module.pd) and you will see the differences.
basically its just stripping out a whole load of stuff (as this is done by orac itself)

there are new features, like loading from the sample pool, or saving extra data to presets (eg… for sequencers) - again just go look at an existing 2.0 factory module to see how thats done.

it is much easer to see things in code that me trying to describe it.
of course, if you don’t understand the code, then post on the developer thread, and I (or someone else) can help point you in the right direction.

Hello and first of all thanks so much for Orac, I think it is by far he best evolution for the whole synth and extremely well thought and designed.
I have a question though. I am using a stereo jack male/male cable 3.5mm to send midi from organelle M to an external synth (the 0-coast) while regular patches recognize the midi message and deliver it to the synth, I am not that successful with Orac 2.0 though. I can send midi from the USB port using orac, no issue, but from 3.5 midi it is not working for me. Is there a setting to change or is it for a future update due that it is a new feature on organelle M?
Very best regards to you, and thanks again for the great work!

@thetechnobear, i’m a little late to the party, but i’m wondering why the Clds module is acting differently than the clds patch ? I miss the keayboard’s ability to alter the pitch of frozen input :confused:

Hi !
I’ve just tried it today. It works like a charm on organelle 1, with one synth and two effects . Simple, but very convenient !thanks


Hmm perhaps I forgot to connect keyboard input?!
If you compare the clds patch and module you’ll see they are pretty much the same - so easy to reconnect.

Hi guys… That might be stupid questions but can the Orac 2 patch contains Orac 2 patches in its slots ? (in order to extend the possibilities)…
Also, I think I have heard Mark say in its video that you can not have multiple instances of the same patch in Orac… Did I missunderstand ? For instance, I can not have 3 instances of Segmenti in Orac ?

Thanks in advance for the clarifications…

I’m not sure I understand this entirely correctly…

Orac can load multiple instances of the same module into different slots eg you could have 3 clds in different slots.

With the Easter egg you can run one organelle patch in a slot - with limitations.

You cannot run multiple organelle patches in orac the reason is very simple - organelle patches are not designed to be run alongside one another they interfere with each other’s operation - try it if you don’t believe me :wink:
To make them work alongside one another you would have to modify them - this is exactly the process taken when converting to a module.