Orac 2.0

Ok thanks, I get that it is possible with modules (patches adapted to properly work in Orac) but not native patches…
Now as a long time DAW user, my main concern is being able to produce full songs with the organelle and that means being able to have multiple sequences and mutiple tracks and not use the organelle as only a synth…
So obviously if I want to have something like 10 tracks/channels of 50 bars each, I cant do that with Orac (can I?) … hence the fact that I mentionned having instances of Orac inside Orac in order to extend the sequencer options (along with effect options and so on…)

I havent purshased the organelle yet and I wont until I am 100% sure I can do what I have in mind with it…Well that is unless someone here is kind enough to offer one to me for Xmas of course :wink: :slight_smile:

the Organelle is not marketed as a ‘daw replacement’, not is it as powerful as a desktop/laptop.
e.g. the organelle-m uses the same cpu as a raspberry pi3
also frankly, it’d be pretty laborious to start trying to a edit a song of 10 tracks and 50 bars on a small old display, even if it was possible :wink:

the organelle-1 is pretty much ‘maxed’ out with Orac 2.
the organelle-m definitely has some spare capacity though, as its got 4 cores - and Im only currently using 1 (and a bit) , but fo me to exploit those cores requires quite a bit of coding = time, so not sure when thats going to be at the moment.

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I know the organelle is not a quantum computer, but samplers used to have only up to 32MB of RAM (back when I didnt have grey hair) and they could handle lots of sequences and tracks… I used Cubasis on Atari 520 ST and I doubt that they had 1/10th of what the organelle has…

Don’t get me wrong though my dear Mark, I know you’ve done a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooot and this is by no means an “orac feature request” … this is basically why I asked if it was possible to have orac inside orac.

Your comparing apples n’ oranges.

I could write a daw / sequencer that’s more powerful on an organelle - but like cubasis etc, it would be written in C, and would not utilize pure data :wink:

Pure data ( and orac) is about flexibility and users being able to extend the ecosystem - and that has an overhead :wink:

You made a very good point…

We should ask C&G to run a crowdfunding campaign to pay you for the development of a “daw/sequencer” :slight_smile:

Hello! Huge thank you to @thetechnobear for the wonderful tools you’ve added to the C&G platforms. They have pushed me to new heights creatively and I can’t imagine making music and performing without them.

I am in need of advice regarding program changes in orac. I am currently building a live hardware set using my Digitakt to sequence orac, ETC, and couple more synths. I’d like to be able to p-lock program change triggers into the patterns. I’m currently doing this with the ETC and it works great. On the ETC set to midi ch 6, when I send prog 1, scene 1 is activated.

orac is still giving me trouble with these triggers. I have tried using the active midi channel to send the program change to the presets, but they don’t work properly

I have laid out my presets in orac as such:
When I send prog 1 to ch 16, it either doesn’t work or activates the wrong preset (usually preset 3). I’d expect it to activate preset 1 in this case.

I am using the parallel router with chain 1 on midi ch 3, chain 2 on ch 4, chain 3 on ch 5. I’d rather not have to take up another midi track (ch 16) on the Digitakt to send these prog changes, so if they can be triggered on ch 3-5, that would be ideal.

I have seen there is a “A. Presets” page in the router. Prog is on. Do I need to use the Preset ± to do what I’m trying to do? Is there a way to point to the specific preset I want even if it’s more than one preset away from the one I’m currently using? Are there any more tutorials about the “Active” pages that I have missed? They don’t seem to be included in any of the videos or here in the forums.

Thank you again for the help and the great work.

im pretty sure you can change the channel to what you want… it uses A. midi ch , which defaults to 16

it cannot be related to any chains channel (3,4,5) in your example, as the preset is not at chain level, it be illogical, it only makes sense to trig on one channel - but you could set it to ch3 if you wish.

the preset/program change number, Im pretty certain is selected by alpha order.
the only thing to be aware of is its, only read at startup of orac.

preset+/- is only use if you want to advance the preset, you can select specific preset with program change message.

Ive not had any issues with this not selecting the correct preset…
are you 100% it was selecting the wrong preset? or did it load the correct preset, but not have the correct settings?

@oweno you were messing with presets quite a bit a while ago, did you see anything amiss?

Hello guys, i know that critter and guitari will read this. Please add autorun function for the next os release. i really want to run orac as soon as organelle turns on. thank you.)

with a little hacking you can do this already :wink:

basically the trick is to use the fact that you start a favourite patch via osc using the pgmChg message.

add orac as a favourite
then edit, and change script/start-mother.sh, send mother host a program change message (/pgmChg) via osc. (using oscsend)

you will probably want a short ‘sleep’ in start-mother.sh between launching mother and sending the osc message - so that mother host, is up n’ running to receive the pgmchg message. (sleep 1 should be fine)


Apologies as I am sure this has been covered somewhere but where should I be installing orac modules from? To be more specific when I download orac modules and upload them from the web tool do I need to place them in a specific spot. Initially I uploaded them into the orac folder and then installed the .zops from that folder on the organelle but none of the modules show up when I boot up orac 2.0

I assume we are talking about additional modules (that dont come with orac)

they need to be in

note: they also need to be in a category directory.
e.g. with my slicer , whould be
fx/slicer -> /sdcard/media/orac/usermodules/fx/slicer

do NOT be tempted to place in the modules subdirectory of the orac patch,
this is reserved for modules supplied with orac, and will be overwritten when you upgrade or reinstall orac.


Hello @thetechnobear :slight_smile: first i’d like to thank you again for Orac, you and everyone involved, it’s a wonderful journey for me so far. i know you don’t have time for this right now but i have a humble pair of suggestions for improving the experience on the Organelle :


  • when switching between pages and modules there is a pop-up box showing the slot/module/page names (ex. a1:Grids or Chain A Gain) that adds 0.5sec. for us to see the desired module/page because it shows in the middle above everything

0.5 second can look like nothing but when playing with Orac i feel it’s a lot, and beside from the user-experience it also takes me time when patching module with graphics to deal with these boxes and avoid UI issues.

after thinking about it, my best suggestion would be either to remove these pop-ups or to place them at the top or bottom of the screen, on 1 line at a normal text size (8), they could replace the VU-meter infobar to show these messages for 0.5sec, it would be able to contain more caracters but most importantly would allow us to switch pages instantly :slight_smile:


  • when the encoder is pressed to show the Orac menu, it takes near 3 seconds to go back to the module

what i would do if i could is to remove this [delay ±3500] thing, bypass aux when entering the Orac menu and use it (aux) to go back to the module.

i looked into the patch to see if i could do these myself instead of asking you, but i didn’t found (i think it’s hidden in the KontrolRack or something that i don’t know how to open), but even if i alter my Orac for the pop-ups i would have issues sharing my modules…

hopefully you’ll give your feedback about this…? (anyone)

happy 2020 :v:

Hey y’all, thanks for all your work and dialogue, great forum. So, I just got a sustain pedal (yamaha FC5) for use with the Organelle and I’d like to implement it with some Orac patches (in a different way than “r aux” functionality). For instance, I’d like to add basic sustain to brds, and have depression of the pedal activate the freeze in clds. Any input into how to do this would be great, I’m struggling (very basic PD user here). I understand “r fs”, but I don’t know where to put it in the patches. Again, thanks so much, happy new year!

#2 - I agree that the wait to get out can feel a bit slow. I think changing the aux behaviour would maybe be confusing (no other controls change when the menu is active). Maybe there could be a top level shortcut to close the menu.

Most of these changes would need to be done in the externals in: https://github.com/TheTechnobear/MEC/
I would think about trying out the change above, but unfortunately due to a move I wont have access to my gear for a while.

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i must admit we would have to get used to it, but i don’t think losing the aux control in the menu is a big deal, as long as we can exit it quickly, we would have to press aux twice (once to get back to it, once again for its action), at least that sounds better to me than having to wait 3sec.

i thought about a top-level shortcut to close the menu too but it wouldn’t be benefic while navigating in a middle of a list…

i think that this automatic menu-closing thing is annoying anyway, because sometimes it’s the opposite : we can’t take a break more than 3 seconds when selecting a module otherwize we have to navigate thru folders again…

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Any reason this shows up as a .zop file on patchstorage?

hi @jonbuzzard :wave: a .zop file is an installer and should be placed in the /Patches folder, it will appear in the patch list (as “Install orac.zop” for instance)

Sorry away at the moment , back next week

I’ve made the delay time on the menu configurable in some parts ( in orac.json) but can’t remember if this is released yet and if it’s in the organelle part of the code - I’ll check when I get back it’s a pretty trivial change.

Irony is here, it was made configurable as some users complained the exit time was too fast for new users :wink:

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hello Mark, just an update about my concern for the pop-ups when changing pages/modules, after thinking about it even more and so to avoid imposing my need to anyone, i think the easiest change would be if you could send these message boxes to [s oscOut] if possible, so we (module developpers) would have the choice to keep them or to use [s oscOutRaw] (and send a 0 to the Gate) to bypass them.

i hope you will consider this… thank you :v:

P.S. oh and by the way, there’s nothing about the menu delay time in my orac.json file so i guess it’s unreleased :wink:

Menu timeout - ok, it’ll be in next release then :wink:

OscOut - not possible - I use an optimized threaded model inside kontrol to ensure decent performance - pushing back these messages on to the PD control thread would result in too much lag, and increase cpu utilization.

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