Orac 2.0

So this might be far fetched, but would it be possible to make a clock module with an integrated clock multiplier where the multiplied clock is only being sent to midi out, bypassing the other modules?
I use the organelle as the master clock for my modular and it would be cool to be able to have my sequencers running on a multiple of the clock frequency without having to buy a clock multiplier module.

This is not that hard to do …

You a few choices :

  • copy current clock module, and add a parameter which allows you to choose which clock division to output over midi (clock)

  • create an new module, which listens to internal clock and outputs midi clock of a chosen division. You can use the midi output module as a starting point.

  • for eurorack:)
    Only one midi clock can be output, but if you are using eurorack, what I do is output notes instead of clocks ( eg using an arp or sequencer) , and then use the ‘gate’ of that note as the clock
    Only possible on modular, as it’s ‘all voltage’ to modular - doesn’t realty care if it’s a clock or not :wink:

That’s great news! :slight_smile:

I have done some experimenting with option #3 in the past with the stock C&G euclidian patch and Turingmachina and it worked great. However for some reason my 2hp MIDI module only receive clock from orac. Neither pitch nor gate information. Also I’m pretty sure it’s set up to receive midi on all channels, so even if I could get it to work properly with orac I don’t think I would be able to mute incoming midi messages from the other orac modules.

So I guess it’s option #1 or #2 then. For someone who’s never done any work in pd, has an 8 month old and about 1-2 hours of free time in the evenings - which of the two do you recommend? :see_no_evil:

For option #1, would it be possible to use this div-mult from the turingmachina?
If so, where do I put it? :man_juggling:

Skärmavbild 2020-01-30 kl. 21.06.48

#1 is probably easier - just copy the clock module into a new module directory.

inside clock, you can see the section where it sends out midi clock messages based on 24ppqn pulses.

so if you want a sub division of that tempo, you just need to divide that 24ppqn down from that.
(examples are actually shown above where things like sixteens are send out from the module)

of course, if you want to make this ‘configurable’ then you will need to start adding parameters etc, as shown elsewhere… but you can start by just ‘hard coding’ a division as a proof of concept.

Ok! So say I want it to send sixteenth notes, all I have to do is change the number 24 to 6? Like this?

Skärmavbild 2020-01-31 kl. 19.30.16

Cause I just did that and the midi connection between the two devices is cut when loading the new clock module. So there must be something I’m missing, right? :thinking:

Sorry for going on about this… Still trying to get this to work :point_up_2: Is there any pd-savvy person who can shine some light on this multiplier thing and please help me out?

Hi–I’m trying to send midi notes out from the Organelle to my O-Coast–works just fine with all the regular C&G patches Ive tried (polybeats, genny, midi file player etc) but I’m having no luck getting midi out from any Orac modules–say polybeats in A1. Tried adding a midi0ut module at the end of the chain with no luck. Can’t figure where else in Orac to look.

Hoping/assuming it’s something obvious I’m overlooking–thanks for any help!

EDIT— Nevermind found the midi section of the router module and figured it out!

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Latest incarnation of orac…
This is why I like portable platforms, create your modules and patches on organelle, then run them on your modular :slight_smile:


Whoa that looks cool!! What is the module that runs Orac? The Little Traverse Bay? Is it some kind of Raspbery Pi based module?

Nice work!

Terminal Tedium is raspberryPi running orac the displays are connected via i2c to that.
I’m thinking of adding an i2c encoder, to give a bit more flexibility with the UI.

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Is there a reason why when I install orac synth .zip modules into the /sdcard/media/orac/usermodules/synth/ directory they don’t show up. The .zop files install properly, but I am unable to manually install uncompressed zip files to the usermodules directory. Nothing shows up in orac. I am using the latest os version 4.0.

Just stumbled across a youtube video and figured it out!

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Hi all, I’m having trouble using the seq3 module in orac. I downloaded the .zip, unzipped it, and put it in orac>modules>sequencers. When I load the module all I get is a black screen, no menus, aux does nothing, etc. Am I doing this right? orac functions normally, just this module I cant get to work.

Edit: I figured it out, turns out I never updated to PD 0.49 ._.

I’m trying to send Midi out to an external synth (Casio CZ500) with pink mode in Orac but no luck.
S2 Midi out is on. Ch 1 out midi ch. on 1 Ch2 out midi ch. on 2. Ch3 out midi ch. on 3.
Midi ch on Casio CZ is set on 1.
I successfully send midi out with patches like polybeats and pink mode but not when I’m in Orac.
Anyone has an idea of what I should do ?
Orac is indeed amazing, thanks so much for the great work !

you need to set the midi output channel on the router module.

it appears under the relevant chain, as each chain in orac can output to a different midi channel.

note: if you have a synth module on a chain, it will ‘eat’ the events (as you usually would not want them passed thru) , you can get around this by turn ‘note thru’ on for that module (again in the router module)


thanks a lot ! It’s working great.
something else I don’t understand is how to get sound from modules m1 m2 m3 p1 p2.
Sorry if it’s a dumb question :upside_down_face:

Modules M1, 2 and 3 are for modulation modules only I think. P1 is Pre (comes before everything) and P2 is Post (comes at the end of everything). So for example if you want to put reverb to everything you put it in P2 (Post).

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ok, thanks a lot !

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I’ve been having trouble with the slots c1-3. anytime i load a synth into any of the slots the audio begins to clip and it gets worse if i add an effect on top of it. its like the system is being over loaded but i checked the cpu and it never goes above 30%. has anyone else had this problem and knows a way to fix it?