Orac and Multicycle issue

Hey hey,

I’m running into an odd issue and hoping someone can help.
Every preset i’ve created has used multicycle as the engine in S2. However i’m trying to experiment without it but for some reason I cannot make S2 empty without freezing the Organelle M.
I’ve also tried creating an empty preset by editing the params.json file so all the chains are empty (see attached zip params.zip (310 Bytes) however when I boot orac onto the empty preset it instantly freezes as well.

Anyone have any clever suggestions?
Have about 30 presets that all use the multicycle and are used for my band’s set up so it would be a headache of note to start from scratch again.

What exactly is the freezing behavior you are seeing, does the Organelle actually stop responding?
The multicycle module replaces the clock, so you would need to swap it with a clock module in order for any tempo based modules to function.

It basically freezes / locks up. Can’t change anything and the encoder doesn’t work. Tried replacing with a clock module and the same thing happens. If there’s something I’ve changed by accident I can send an image of the file?

I have noticed with the cpu monitor on that when I change patches it jumps up a bit (idle 10% to 60-70%) to load it then drop back down (25-33%) depending what the patch requires.

Could it be changing multicycle is overloading cpu somehow?

Hmm I just tried replacing multicycle with a clock module locally and I’m not seeing a freeze. Possibly only happens on the Organelle-M?
Are you using the latest version from here?:

If you post a preset that freezes when multicycle is replaced I might be able to see the issue.