Orac Drum Machine (24 samples player)

Hi there. Thanks for all these modules and patches for the Organelle. A few weeks ago, I realized that Orac was able to make alone what a full board of gears was doing, and I think it will eventually make my live setup very minimalist (Thx a lot @thetechnobear). I still have a question about one module: before Orac, I was mostly using my organelle as a drum machine with H-rando and custom wav files. Is there a module able to act as such a simple drum machine? (24 samples triggered via MIDI, I don’t really care about the random choice between multiple samples in H-rando, I mean I love it but a single sample would totally be enough)

I’ve made researches and didn’t found anything like this so far, but maybe I didn’t checked the right places…

If it doesn’t exist, I see 3 solutions:

  1. An adaptation of H-rando as an Orac module
  2. A version of the S-sampler24 module where samples wouldn’t be loop played.
  3. Building something from scratch

SInce I don’t know anything about PureData, I am considering bothering a friend who works with maxMSP and asking him for help. But first I would like to know what strategy would this forum recommand…

Thanks a lot!

Ok, I woke up with a cheat solution wich in the end works totally: Using s-sampler24 but adding 1 second of silence after each of my samples, so it doesn’t have time enough to loop when triggered.