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hi guys
can anyone take a look in here and tell me why the sampler-voice.pd isn’t hearing any knob, note messages or signals?
still got other things to do but scratching my head on this.
S-samplerstyleREC.zip (1.5 MB)

Getting a lot of ‘multiply defined’ and ‘stack overflow’ errors as I try to find ways to send values from the abstraction in module.pd to sampler-voice.pd


@thetechnobear @chrisk @oweno
What dya think? If you have time.


are you getting stack overflow on this one (that you uploaded), or in trying other things? I haven’t loaded it, but I opened on my computer and I didn’t see anything right away. stack overflow is usually when an object output gets connected to its input (either directly or by way of send / receives) causing an infinite loop, so you might want to double check naming of send / receives.