Orac overloop and foot switch

While I was setting up a midi pedal board to work with overloop, I read the documentation and learned that sending out midi CC 25 to the organelle simulates the aux button. So I tried that and it didn’t work. I patched overloop with the code in my screenshot.

Is this an OK way of dealing with the problem? Is there a better way?

this is not needed in Orac…

Orac Overloop should already be working with a fs and aux

also Orac already has the ability to map CC to both fs and aux
you need to go to the last pages of router , and you will find A Ctrl1, there it lists the CC
by default it is Aux = 69, Fs=64, expression = 4

one limitation is… these go to the ACTIVE module.
(since obviously, many modules might use AUX/Fs)

Orac has this covered :wink:
… again in the router setup, you will find an ‘Active Page’ with a parameter called
A.Dest … which mean active destination module…

when it is zero (default) , then it is the module slot that is selected in the UI.
however, none zero, means slots A1->C3 aka 1-10
so setting to 2 , means ALL active control (e.g. aux) will not always got to slot 2 (aka A2)
so set it to slot your overloop module is in, and viola

of course, the disadvantage of this is you can only do this for ONE module slot…
so Aux/Fs can only be used for that one module.

but in reality, Ive actually found it pretty useful when Ive a preset im actually ‘performing’ , as usually I only need aux/fs on one module.

if you don’t like this… and you just want to force overloop to always use a particular CC, regardless of if its active or not, then you could hardcode this into the overloop module
the easiest way to do this as a user, is to the take the code you have above…
but place it in overloop/modue.pd
and rather than send to auxIn-$1 as you have put it above the [sel 1] in the code Ive shown.

what this will do is always take cc 25, and send activate overlap, regardless of if its the active module or not.

its not pretty, but it’ll work :wink:

anyway hopefully one of these will work for you,


My real use case is I have a roland GFC 50 foot pedal going into a blokas midi hub. That sends out all sorts of program changes and CCs - the midihub turns the PCs into something more sensible before they get to the organelle.

So your description actually means I can do everything I want with that piece of kit.

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